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2nd May 2013

Quote with 59 notes

DO NOT BRAG ABOUT RIOTING OR OTHER ILLEGAL ACTIVITY, ESPECIALLY NOT ON THE INTERNET OR IN TEXTS! The police will be scouring Facebook and other social media looking for such boasts. If they arrest you, they will confiscate your phone and use information they find in text messages (including ones you think are deleted) as evidence against you. Resist the urge to brag to friends about tonight. This is a double-edged sword: the seductive appeal of insurrection should be communicated and spread, but be careful. For example, it may be okay to talk about being at an event or supporting what happened there, but it is a terrible mistake to claim to have thrown a bottle or to know who did.
— Cautionary Note to May Day Protesters, Rioters, and Combatants: Stay Safe

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